Our Factory

LTS Italy is based in Rome (Italy)

We manufacture (almost) everything in our factory

Our set-up is complete for the whole production of parts and accessories  to build our devices, from small UV LED lamps for adhesive curing to larger lamps for printing Industry. We have both full mechanical and electronic Laboratory

Mechanical workshop

Our engineering projects are verified by CAD/CAE/CAM systems for CNC milling / turning 

Electronic workshop

Internal Engineering and production of electronics components through dedicated machinery.  Our Lab is equipped with industry grade pick-and-place for COB production and controllers for our UV LED lamps.

UV LED production 01

Mechanical Workshop

CNC Milling / Turning

UV LED production 02


our is -Built to Last-  philosophy

UV LED production 03


on-duty testings

We actually test and verify all product chain

Our machines are engineered according to an "oversize" principle, in example: they are built exceeding the minimum technical requirements for the specific purpose. From bare structures to power supply unit, to motors, to electronic boards, up to safety checks ... All of our production is guaranteed by functionality and stress tests far beyond actual industry standards.

We check for success

We are always in contact with best Suppliers on market for technical materials and latest technologies.
We do follow our Customers on after sale, in order to  continuously perfectionate our products, and adapt them to request of the manufacturing sector and to changes imposed by new technologies.