uv led lamp for industryuv led lamp for industry
uv led lamp for industry
uv led lamp 22cm light window
uv led lamp 22cm light window


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UV-A industry lamp

30W- UVA 395nm

Industrial grade UV LED lamp for production.

Main Features:
  • Lamp body separated apart from controller Box, standard cable lenght 2mt.
  • Lamp body small and easy to handle. Can be hand-held or attached to support to work hand-free
  • Light double-action: manual mode or automatic (timer) mode
  • Action by push button on controller box or by pedal (included)
  • Light time: Free (always "light on")  or  programmable by timer ( from zero to 60sec.)
  • UV light power adjustable from 0% to 100%
  • Internal Air Cooling by high-power fan
  • Emission light window size 3,5cm x 3,5cm + POWER SPOT on center
  • Power 30W

This UV LED lamp has been engineered for maximun flexibility in any kind of manufacturing, from small run to in-line production

  • Specific wavelenght 395nm (+/- 5nm)
  • Please check requested wavelenght before checkout form.

Specific UV LED lamp for adhesives, glues and resins curable with UV-A radiation, ideal to cure :

  • glass with glass bonding
  • glass to metal bonding
  • acrylic to glass bonding
  • acrylic to metal bonding


  • Power plug-in 220Vac - 50Hz


Technical Specification


UV LED head Power

30 Watt

Irradiance (Watt/cm²)


Irradiance (Joule/cm²)


Exposure Time (seconds)


Total Consumption (Watt)

120 Watt

Measuring Distance

3 cm.

Operative Distance

1- 10 cm

Controller Box Size

350x250x160(h.) mm